Advanced Cookbook PHP Script


Cookbook PHP script with many features. Everything is easy to manage using your dashboard.

Advanced Cookbook PHP Script By Frozenstorm @Frozenstorm

With this cookbook you can build your recipe using 3 information tables:

– Cuisine: Where does this recipe come from? (e.g. Country)

– Ingredients: Your own database with ingredients

– Cookware: Your own database with cookware

All of these can be managed and edited using your dashboard.

Normally you would need to calculate the contents of your recipe yourself but with this cookbook it does that for you (contents like fat, fibers, etc). The ingredients you add have a food content table (added when creating a new ingredient), when added with a specific amount it then calculates the recipe’s content, saves alot of work.


This cookbook also has the following features:

– select a specific recipe to appear as the recipe of the month.

– Set a welcome message for visitors

– Supports different languages, thus its not hardcoded into the cookbook

– Allows multiple users to manage the cookbook.

– Has a nice frontend that allows users to search for recipes or select one based on the cuisine

– For big text areas like a description, it uses TinyMCE so you can add youtube movies to your recipes, ingredients, etc.


For more information and use, please use the documentation that comes with this digital cookbook.

Download Advanced Cookbook PHP Script

Specification: Advanced Cookbook PHP Script

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First release 24 May 2014
Last update 24 May 2014
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