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Reliable and robust alarm clock app with many features.

Sound Alarm Clock – Android App Source Code By harnetts @harnetts


The Application features four main title screen tabs that work to divide the different aspects of the application:

  • Set Alarm
  • View & Edit
  • Settings
  • Help

Set Alarm 

‘Set Alarm’ is highly cohesive and intuitive, housing a range of innovative features that are arranged in an intelligent and concise format that makes setting any alarm a breeze. Such Features include, and not limited to:

  • Labeled alarms
  • Orientated alarms (AM, PM)
  • Snooze Customization (‘Lap duration’ & ‘Lap limit’)
  • Repeat alarms for days of the week and/or particular dates
  • Set audio files from internal / external memory
  • Auto Snooze (permits alarm to automatically snooze after set playback limit has been reached)
  • Volume customization (‘Max volume’, ‘Starting volume’ ,‘Creep rate’ (increasing volume))
  • Vibration (intensity customization)
  • Test alarm (allows user to experience settings premature in real-time)
  • Multiple Disarm methods (Slide & Touch with many more in future development)

View & Edit  

‘View & Edit’ UI is groundbreaking & completely original; it’s a smart and integrated approach to organizing and maximizing the user experience. The unique user interface harbors an array of important data settings that are critical to any alarm; such displayed items are:

  • Alarm Label
  • Time & Orientation
  • Repeat day/s of the week and/or particular date/s
  • Snooze status (enabled or disabled)
  • Snooze lap limit (number of snoozes available)
  • Max Volume and Maturity Rate (enabling or disabling the increasing volume feature)
  • Nominated Disarm Method
  • Alarm status enabled or disabled using smart color coding

Default Settings 

‘Default Settings’ is an advocate of innovative freedom allowing the user to set their own customized default settings that will apply to all future alarms without impacting present alarms. This feature renders the inconvenience of repeatedly setting alarms with identical settings a thing of the past. Fortunately, the user has the ability to always revert the default settings back to factory format using the ‘Restore Default Settings’ feature which also has no impact on present alarms; making it a reliable and robust feature.


Last but not least, we have also added the feature of a ‘Help’ tab that houses an array of query’s based on the features and design of the Application. Items that are included range from explanations of important settings such as ‘volume maturity rate’ and ‘snooze limit cap’, also addressing the unique View & Edit interface by featuring an annotated index. The idea behind the ‘Help’ tab is to provide comprehensive support, thus maximizing the user experience.



  • Non-exclusive rights to source code for the lite version of sound alarm clock.
  • Full Source Code



  • Android OS



The source code has been commented and marked making it easy to read and implement in your project.



We are more than pleased to hear back from customers and are always working towards improving and refining the Apps features and design to better cater to the Users needs and preferences. Users can anticipate regular updates that will add additional content and features to the App.


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Specification: Sound Alarm Clock – Android App Source Code

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First release 4 July 2014
Last update 4 July 2014

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Sound Alarm Clock – Android App Source Code
Sound Alarm Clock – Android App Source Code
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